Staff & Music Teachers

Tina Miritello

Tina Miritello is the Director of Bach to Rock, Naperville. Tina has studied vocal technique since the age of 6. Growing up, Tina participated in numerous choirs and show choirs and regional and national competitions. She performed throughout the Greater Chicago Area with her former country band for a number of years before returning to academia. Tina is a graduate of Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Science in Music Business. During her time at Elmhurst, Tina worked with the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Besides being a vocalist, Tina also composes original music, plays piano and dabbles with guitar. Tina is passionate about what music can do for the community and loves to inspire others to be creative!

Tim Mack

Tim Mack is the Assistant Director at Bach to Rock Naperville. He fell in love with music at a young age thanks to his father, who always had a record spinning on the family turntable. It wasn’t long before Tim wanted to learn how to play the music he was hearing daily. Tim’s mother signed him up for drum lessons at the age of eight years old and sparked a life passion. He has played for and recorded with a variety of bands spanning multiple genres and has had some of his recorded music played on Chicago radio station 97.1 The Drive. Tim attended Loyola University Chicago where he studied music theory, percussion performance, drum set performance, as well as performed in jazz and percussion ensembles. Tim is passionate about inspiring students to follow their own musical goals and dreams and believes that learning should be informative and fun!

Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda is a student at North Central College pursuing a Music Education degree. She has been in choir since 6th grade and studies solo voice and piano. Amanda has also trained in dance since she was 4 years old and uses kinesthetic learning and creative movement while teaching music. At school, Amanda is the assistant music director of Sonata Problem a Cappella and enjoys arranging and composing music. One of the things she loves about music is that, just like any art, it can always be improved and built on, it is never simply perfect or completely mastered. She strives to advance her knowledge of all music styles and instruments and share her passion for music with those around her.

Anthony M.

Anthony M. AKA DJ Pharaoh has been DJing since the age of 12. After watching a documentary about battle DJs he scraped together money to buy his first DJ set up. Throughout high school and college he DJed for parties and concerts, but once he was old enough he dived into the Chicago club scene. He has now DJed in many of Chicago's biggest clubs and performed with many artists such as 2 Chainz, Louis the Child, Stunt Taylor, and many more. The reputation that he has built up in the Chicago has gotten him the position of resident DJ on Chicago's Navy Pier yacht fleet.

Mr. Caleb

Mr. Caleb is a professional percussionist based in the Chicago area. He started playing drums in 7th grade, and never looked back! He graduated from Judson University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and Entrepreneurship. He specializes in percussion, but also teaches beginner piano and guitar lessons. When he’s not teaching or playing music, he’s probably going for a run, reading a book, or watching Netflix.

Darius M.

Darius M. started his music journey at the age of 12 when his parents brought him a CD Mix console as a Christmas gift. Since then, he has successfully made a name for himself throughout the Chicagoland area DJ’ing everything from house parties, sweet 16s, proms, weddings and nightclubs. After mastering DJ techniques, he developed an interest to learn the production side of music. Using the income he earned from his DJ gigs, he started to build on his production knowledge and accumulated a home studio. Not having the resource of a music teacher, he started learning how to make music by ear, listening to the popular songs on the charts and his favorite musicians. Throughout his career, he has appeared on Chicago hip hop stations Power 92 and WGCI for guest mix shows and has been featured on numerous music blogs such as ThesesDays and DJ Booth. Developing his skill set and working with local talent has taken him from small local shows to his first major festival performance at Lollapalooza and it is just the beginning of his promising music career.

Freddie B.

Freddie B.'s love for music began at age 8 when his mother bought him a keyboard for Christmas. While other kids his age were taking formal music lessons, Freddie was able to learn the basics to music completely by ear, playing along with what he'd see and hear on the radio and tv. By the age of 16, he became venturing out as an independent musician and freelance keyboardist, playing in bands, churches, and ensembles at school, exploring genres such as gospel, jazz, rock, pop, alternative, and r&b, as well as studying music classes at Joliet Junior College where he learned sight-reading and music theory. He then attended the SAE Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL where he obtained an Associates in Science Degree in Audio Technology. Upon graduating from SAE Institute Freddie has been a enthusiast in music technology, production, composition, sound design, and synthesis for virtual instruments, all of which he uses in his day to day workflow, with hopes of one day composing for film and television. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and skill by means of engineering, live performance, and teaching, and also being a part of the band of his church.

Mr. Kirk

Mr. Kirk has always taken an interest in music since he was very young, but his passion for music really began to flourish when he joined the junior high band as a percussionist. From there, he began to teach himself a variety of other instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, banjo, mandolin, theremin, and is always looking for new ways to explore music. Kirk has played in bands with friends for several years and enjoys sharing his love of music with others. Kirk aims to inspire others to have the same passion for music and learning that he does.

Michelle R.

Michelle R. grew up in a musical home and her love of music began with piano lessons from her mother at age 3. Her interest in music blossomed as she continued piano and voice lessons and volunteered in her church’s music ministries. Michelle received her B.A in Music Education from North Central College in 2005. Michelle has over twenty years of performance experience whether as a conductor or a singer or accompanist. She has performed at the Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College among other venues in Downtown Naperville and the outlying community. Michelle also volunteers at Calvary Church serving in the various music ministries there. Michelle Ross has over thirteen years of teaching experience. She began her teaching career in 2005 as a private instructor then transitioned to teaching in the public school system when she accepted the General Music Teacher position at Welch Elementary in Indian Prairie School District 204. She taught at Welch for nine years instructing over 900 students per year and leading a 150 voice elementary Chorus. Michelle is excited to be apart of the Naperville Bach to Rock team instructing “Rock n Roll”, and “Rock City” Early Childhood Classes in addition to teaching private piano and voice lessons!

Mr. Nick

Mr. Nick is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a degree in music education. He is a clarinetist and guitarist, but also teaches a variety of other classical and popular instruments. He taught for multiple years in the public school system all around Illinois and has taught general music, band, choir, and jazz to K-12 students. He has experience playing in musicals and has even directed one! Nick has also taught and worked on staff at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan for over 10 years. In addition to teaching lessons at B2R, Nick is also working on a computer science degree from Oregon State University.

Mr. Sam

Mr. Sam is a student at Full Sail University pursuing his Music Production Degree. He started taking piano lessons at age 7 and has been obsessed with music ever since. Throughout the years, he has taken guitar and drum lessons as well. During high school, he began getting into the concepts behind making music and how its all put together. He has produced several songs that have been published on SoundCloud ever since. He has learned multiple programs from hard work and practice and has the motive to teach other kids how to become musically knowledgeable. At Bach to Rock, Sam will be teaching a variety of instruments! When he is not busy with music, he loves to be outside with his friends or binge watch netflix shows all day.

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

B2R Curriculum

  • A well-balanced music education consists of Music Theory, Technique and Repertoire.
  • Students learn faster playing music they like.
  • Simplified versions of modern songs allow students to see results more quickly.
  • Audio recordings of each simplified arrangement are available to students. This allows them to hear how their part should sound.
  • Lessons are catered to the needs of each student's learning style.